about sweet tea creations....


sweet tea creations strives to create a southern feel...that feeling you get on a warm summer afternoon while drinking sweet tea on a covered porch.  serving the hudson valley, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality in floral and even designs while providing you the smallest details that evoke a sweet, calm feel as you and your guests build cherished memories.

brenda swartz's house is truly a home., decorated for every season both inside and out.  her desire to create weddings and special events that are dreams made real is rooted in her 15 years of designing flowers under the creative masters of the gassaway mansion in greenville, sc.  recently, she developed the skills of taking businesses to the next design level through holiday and season decor.  it is her desire to bring true southern hospitality to the hudson valley using all of her skills.

christina shustock is the friend who is called upon to organize your life events; wedding and baby showers are her passion.  since becoming a mom, she has the desire to make birthdays and other special life events a unique memory in every child's life.  her style and demand for perfection was created through her work experience in the new york city for non-profit organizations.  she also worked as the community director for the march of dimes organizing large fundraising events in the hudson valley.

it is our talent and skills that create ambiance and stir feelings of amazement and joy during every moment of our special event.